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Happy Twins

Toddler Programs 1 & 2: Designed for children 12 months-3 years

Our toddler programs are packed with great activities to get our little explorers excited to learn! We encourage our toddlers to learn and discover new things every day, as they grow in independence at their own pace. From singing songs to sensory play to arts and crafts, your little one will be busy learning and laughing all day!

Our Toddler 1 Program is for children 12 months - 2 years and our Toddler 2 Program is for children 2 - 3 years.

Helping young learners explore  the world around them


A typical day

Each classroom follows a daily schedule to keep things routine for your child. In the morning we have a delicious healthy breakfast, or a morning snack planned by our center nutritionist, Mrs. Maria! Circle time followed by educational activities comes after. These activities are pulled from a curriculum created weekly by the staff. The activities touch on subjects such as math, science, art, literacy, fine and gross motor skills, and  sensory play. Free play and outside play follows.

Learning through play

The staff sprinkles in free play throughout the day at scheduled times to give the students the opportunity to play freely with each other, and explore the different types of play, as well as different toys spread out throughout the room. Materials in the classroom are changed and rotated out regularly to keep the students interested and having fun!

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What makes our toddler program  the right choice for your child:

We ignite our toddlers' imagination with engaging activities that allow them to learn through play. Daily curriculum provides young learners the chance to exercise their creativity, learn how to problem-solve and build upon social skills while getting their wiggles out!
Students thrive in our safe, nurturing environment. Our staff are passionate about helping each child learn and grow as individuals, through encouraging self expression and exploration.
Learning and play continue all day! We begin setting the foundations for kindergarten readiness by integrating various academics and skills into the curriculum. Activities integrate math, science, art, literacy, find and gross motor skills, sensory play and more.
Check Out Our Toddlers in Action!
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A few tidbits

Outside play is in our newly remodeled yard space, or a local park!

Lunch for the center is 11:30, then nap follows. Nap time spans from about 12:00-2:00pm.


The afternoon is filled with fun and excitement as well! After nap, the classrooms have a second healthy snack. The children practice tooth brushing  in the afternoon.  A new set of activities is introduced in the afternoon to keep the students excited and interested in learning!  

Ready to jump into the fun?
Our toddler program is designed to make learning fun and inclusive! Your little one is invited to discover the wide world, make new friends and build self confidence.
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