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We are a family-owned learning center serving the Winthrop community since 1993.

Our center was started with three things in mind: positivity, equality and love.

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Pleasant Times Learning Center is a place where kids can thrive, explore the world around them, and be themselves! We want our parents to come here and feel safe, connected, and a part of their child's journey through PTLC. We see ourselves as a family and we welcome yours to join!

Our Beginnings

PTLC was founded in 1993 by the late Roseann Tavares. Her passion for education and love for children shaped a program that is unlike any other. 

Her daughter, Andrea, has since taken over the center. She shares the same passion and love that her mother had for children, while throwing in her own personal spin on education!


Our Philosophy

Our primary goal is to provide stimulating and educational experiences through discovery.

​​Children will learn from an exciting and diverse environment that provides hands on activities, as well as one that promotes creative freedom that all children need to grow and develop. These planned activities will help the child succeed and gain self-confidence and self-esteem which is needed to continue to develop positive social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth. It is our philosophy that the teacher creates an exciting environment, so the child will participate in discovering about themselves and the world around them!

Our Staff

​​Our staff is unlike any other!

Highly trained and dedicated, our staff works alongside parents to ensure your child gets the most beneficial experience during his/her time at Pleasant Times. Our open door policy encourages parents to participate in the center as much as possible! Our small, cozy center ensures that each child gets the individual care needed to grow and develop.

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What we believe in

PTLC Values

Social-emotional wellbeing

Inclusivity & diversity

Kindergarten readiness

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