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PTLC is always looking for passionate individuals who love working with children to join our team!

Where every employee has a voice

PTLC strives to offer a family-orientated atmosphere with the understanding and respect for a healthy work-life balance. We promote a well-rounded experience by providing opportunities for education and advancement as well as ongoing support in their personal development throughout PTLC. Every employee is considered family at PTLC, and we all work together towards continually build a strong and exciting program for all our students.  


Family-oriented atmosphere

We believe in the importance of family, and our employees are able to be vocal about their thoughts and ideas at PTLC. We work together as one community committed to providing a high-quality experience for all students.

Competitive Paid Time Off (P.T.O.)

We understand working in childcare can be exhausting! We promote a heathy work life balance with paid vacation time, paid personal time, paid sick time, paid breaks and a flexible schedule.

Career Development

 We cater to the diverse needs and interests of everyone on our team at PTLC. We encourage employee growth through formal schooling and educational advancement.

Ready to start making a difference?

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