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Red Head Baby

Infant ProgramDesigned for children 3-12 months old

Our infant program will support and nurture your child's first step into the world. We take time to learn your home routine so we can provide the same care for them while at school. We provide a safe and loving environment while also focusing on developing important skills to help them grow and thrive. Our infant program gives families piece of mind when parting with their little one.

Creating a second home for your family.

Playing with Baby

Program foundations

Our small and cozy infant area provides a 3 infant to 1 teacher ratio, with a heavy focus on sensory and gross motor development. We work with your infant to help him/her recognize self, and experience the world around him/her. This is an on-demand classroom, so staff will do things similarly to how you do them at home to help keep things consistent.

Helping your little one grow

Our program is designed to help your infant start developing in a safe and nurturing environment. Our teachers focus on tummy time, as well as helping your child learn to roll, crawl and walk!  The infants go out in the centers play yard, and also on walks. Our staff creates a weekly themed curriculum to keep your infant busy, and engaged. Sensory play as well as art is introduced in this group, as well as some color, letter, number and shape recognition.

Image by Jelleke Vanooteghem
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What makes our infant program  the right choice for your child:

Our infant classroom is cozy and home-like so our newest PTLC learners feel right at home. We work with parents to ensure their infant's routine is the same at school as it is at home to help keep things consistent.
Your little one will enjoy actively learning and growing with our nurturing PTLC family. Our staff will join in on tummy time, teach your infant how to roll, crawl and walk. We also focus on developing critical motor and sensory skills so students can experience the world around them.
We prioritize continuous and open communication with all our families. You'll have direct access to your little one's teachers all day long with the user-friendly app, Brightwheel. You'll also receive frequent updates and adorable pictures throughout the day!
Ready to take the first step?
We know transitioning your infant to childcare can be overwhelming. Let us give you peace of mind.
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