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Meet our dedicated and passionate team of educators!

Fostering a family at our center

Our highly-trained team strives to make sure every classroom has a safe and engaging atmosphere that will keep your child happy during class time, while also fostering positive relationships with families. Staff members are certified, experienced and share a mission of developing a positive foundation for young learners.

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Meet our owner, Ms. Andrea!

"My mother, Roseann, created Pleasant Times Daycare in 1993 in our home on Pleasant St. We moved to Putnam St. in 2004 and became Pleasant Times Learning Center. I worked alongside my mother in the center over the years at different points in my life. When she passed in 2014, I started my PTLC journey full time, and never looked back! 

Andrea pleasant time learning center

I fell in love with the kids, and the ability to have fun and be silly, while educating them. I fell in love with the creative side of curriculum and the ability to get messy with art, or have some fun with a science experiment, and even get creative with meal times! Planning exciting educational activities and helping each child learn even just one specific thing, has made me truly feel like I’m making an impact on the students' lives. Every morning when I walk into the center, and the kids circle me in a bear hug, it makes any bad day I’m having fade away. My goal is for the children to come into our program knowing that they are loved and accepted by everyone at PTLC, no matter what. I believe each child deserves a chance to thrive and enjoy the young years, and I'm here to help them do that!"

Ms. Andrea's favorite hobbies:




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Mrs. Maria

Lead Infant Teacher / Nutritionist

2023 Fall-1003.jpg

Ms. Jordyn

Lead Toddler Teacher/ Assistant Program Director


Ms. Fatima

Infant / Toddler 1 Teacher

2023 Fall-1002.jpg

Ms. Rowan

Lead Preschool Teacher / Preschool Program Coordinator

2023 Fall-1005.jpg

Ms. Makenzie

Lead Toddler 2 Teacher


2023 Fall-1001.jpg

Mrs. Michelle

Lead Preschool Teacher


Featured PTLC staff:


Ms. Marie

Preschool Teacher

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