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Mom And Baby Playing Together With Toys

A place where children thrive as individuals and families are a part of the journey.

Learning through discovery and play, while promoting self esteem and

positive interactions.

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Why enroll at PTLC?


We focus on the whole child

We focus on the whole child by integrating social and emotional development into our programming. Through small and large group play activities we promote self esteem and positive interactions. We also build healthy body images through our food program and fostering a safe environment for self expression.

We celebrate diversity

PTLC is a place where children of various cultures and experiences are accepted and encouraged to express themselves creatively. We celebrate diversity by developing a respect for physical and cultural differences amongst our peers. Self expression is promoted through art creation, dramatic play, music and more. 


We specialize in kindergarten readiness

Our preschool program prepares students with everything from letter writing to counting, and helps them start out on the right foot when entering kindergarten. Students develop an enthusiasm for learning, collaborative and social skills, as well as a love for reading. In fact, by time our young learners graduate, most of them can read and write their own name!

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Ready to find your program?

PTLC Goals

PTLC  Program Goals

We create our programming curriculum based on our overall program goals

Create an exciting and educational environment daily

Promote self esteem and growth through positive interactions

Use food education to create a positive and healthy body image

Develop emotional and social skills through small and large
group play

Develop self discipline and self control through use of redirection and restorative practices (talking through problems and behaviors to come to a positive solution)

Encourage and develop self help skills

Encourage self expression through music, art, dramatic play, blocks and other forms of play

Present basic knowledge (ABC's, 123's, colors, shapes etc.) through different daily activities

Develop a respect for physical and cultural differences

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