3 years -6 years

16:2 Ratio

The preschool classroom follows a consistent daily schedule. We begin with a healthy breakfast or morning snack planned by our center nutritionist Mrs. Maria. Large and small group activities follow, as well as  circle time. In circle, we read our story of the day,  we review numbers, letters, shapes, colors, the days of the week and months of the year. Our students have already learned to spell their names by the time they make it into preschool, so we review and also discuss last names and where our students live. All concepts are introduced in a way that provokes questions and thinking from our group!

The large and small group activities are pulled from a curriculum that the staff research and create weekly. ​They include subjects such as math, social studies, science, literacy, sensory, fine and gross motor, and art. All concepts are introduced to the group through a variety activities, and in different areas within the classroom.

Lunch is served at 11:30, and nap/quiet time follows.

New activities are introduced in the afternoon, as well as a healthy and delicious snack provided by Mrs. Maria! After snack in the afternoon, the preschoolers practice brushing their teeth! There is structured free play scattered in throughout the day.

The preschool classroom is a very hands on group, so the staff always encourages parents to participate whenever possible. We celebrate birthdays and holidays with activities and parties for the kids which parents are always invited to attend!