Nutrition at PTLC

At Pleasant Time, we strive to produce a quality food menu filled with healthy options, to get kids excited about meal times. Our licensed nutritionist on staff, Mrs. Maria, works to create meal ideas that educate and entertain our students in order to bring more awareness to healthy options.


Pleasant Times provides two full snacks per day. One in the morning, which includes milk, and the other in the afternoon. Snacks include aspects of each food group (carbs, protein, dairy, etc). The goal is to educate and excite kids about the food items presented to them. We encourage the kids to prepare the food on their own when appropriate, and work with them to complete the task.

A weekly nutritional newsletter is prepared to educate parents about different food options for their child. A weekly menu item is created by Mrs. Maria and posted on our nutrition bulletin board for parents to take. A new concept is introduced monthly on the board to help bring more nutritional awareness to parents!